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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Frineds of Guatemala

Hi all.

It´s your trurn to help...

I´m looking for a little help getting my hands on some books down here for some kids. The problem is books down here run a little pricey (for me) to buy a bunch of them. The kids have an interest in reading, but they just don´t have to books, and neither do the schools. If anybody would like to help out, financially, there´s some info down towarsd the bottom about sending money.

In case your asking yourself about if it´s worthwhile, I´ll tell you that I tried it out with a couple books that I had bought. One was this old Alfred Hitchcock story about these kid detectives (I never knew he did this, either) and the other was another kids book. I let some kids, mainly abuot 10-14 borrow them and bring them back when they finished. A couple kids read the Hitchcock book in just 2 days. And the books always came back in the same condition they left in.

Anyways, I´m looking to getting around buying some more books that they may enjoy.

Example. I know this one kid wants to learn more about ancient Egypt....and he also is interested the Free Trade Agreement (Trato de Libre Comercio).

Since I´m now reading book 7 of Harry Potter (awesome, bu the way), I think the series would kickstart their imagination.

Anyways, you get the point. If you could spare a few bucks or so, that´d be awesome.

Just send me an email to let me know what´s coming. They money will be put into my PC account that I use down here.

oh, and its tax deductable....

Thanks a bunch.


Friends of Guatemala
P.O. Box 33018
Washington D.C. 20033

must be a check!!!

On the memo line of the check, donors should write "PCV Adam Blankenbicker - Cat. II"


  • At 17:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Que causa buena! Te mando un cheque comprar libros para los ninos. Vas a comprarles en ingles or espanol? Un abrazo desde Connecticut, Ellen Lucas


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