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Changing the blog layout now... For those of you who happen accross my blog these days, you're in for something different from my Peace Corps doings. I'm back state-side in the UP, Michigan, finishing my master in volcanology. These days you'll hear about my doings post-PC, and occassionally some random thoughts I just need to get out there. Politics, conservation, persepctive, people who bug me.... whatever. I hope it doesn't fatigue you too much. best. -adam-

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hey guys

Well, another month has passed, and I´m not quite sure yet if I should say ¨I´ve done a lot of really neat stuff¨ or if I should say ¨Things have been pretty regular around here¨. OK, why can´t I say both? Things have been pretty normal here I think, and I´ve done some neat stuff since my last entry.

The Schools…Las Escuelas

I´ve been going regularly to each school once a week, the El Faro school sometimes 2 or more since it´s right there. Been doing some environmental activities such as having students adopt árboles (trees) that they will take care of and keep a journal about, we´ve drawn a number of pictures of animals, plants and volcanoes and planted some…well, plants. The teacher in El Faro is pretty pilas (smart and clever); she´s already done recycled art before I came here and seems to be a great teacher in general. Part of the program is to certify schools ¨Environmental¨ and El Faro is pretty much there.

The other school is on top of things too. The teacher there is in her first year teaching and she is also attending classes herself to become a higher certified teacher. Anywhos, the schools are on their way to success. Hahh-raay for school…

El Faro…The Lighthouse

If you´re interested in knowing a bit more about the finca here, an article was just published in an American magazine about the owner here and basically why it´s so great. It also makes me think higher of Starbucks. Obviously the article is only going to put everything in good light, but ´tis true as far as I can see. Oh yeah, the magazine is called ¨Inc.¨ It´s the June 2006 issue, page 55. The cover says ¨How to get a bargain.¨ The only falsehood is that the landscape picture isn´t the finca I don´t think.

So far, I´ve cooked 3 times for the women who work at Recursos Humanos (Human Resources). Pizza, Chow-mein, and Fried rice. So far I´ve only received positive remarks. I´ve also taught the kids of one of my co-workers how to make pizza. We´re gonna do it a few more times so that it sticks. It´s good to know he knows that learning is a process, not an event.

The one thing that´s bugging me the most here, literally, are the bugs. Not just any bugs, but these moscos are eating me alive. And they´re only getting worse as the harvest is coming up…which actually isn´t till September, so I´ve some 2 months for them to get worse until they are in their prime in August I´m speculating. So, I´m debating on whether I should try to work on this immunity (I´m told it´s a toxin I will build a resistance to) or if I should just wear repellent every day. I´m leaning towards the immunity and anti-toxins because that sounds cooler.

Santiaguito…Little Santiago

He´s doing his thing. Just chillin. We haven´t had any lahars lately, which is a bit disappointing. Actually the activity has been low in general, which kind of makes me wonder sometimes what I´m doing here. But there are enough issues within INSIVUMEH that need to be worked out that I hope to accomplish. I´ve seen some pretty cool little eruptions, which we call explosions as to not give the wrong impression. There are always explosions reaching from 100 towards 1500 meters, but an eruption is something bigger and something to really worry about. So yeah, anyways, I´ve seen some pretty cool explosions due to the sun´s position, other clouds, wind directions, etc. There are always small avalanches and occasionally a small pyroclastic flow. Really though, I´m hoping things really step up a notch. Not in some ic way that will kill thousands and cause millions of Quetzales in damage…but cause I like volcanoes and all their power. C´mon Little Santiago….show me the money.

Life…La Vida

Life is good really. Yeah, things are slow. I think I need to do a lot of I-net research and email, but too bad it´s such a pain to get to San Felipe on a continuous basis. But I´m reading quite a bit. We get Newsweek international and PC has a great book system. I´m reading Tom Robbins right now. Really good author. Different perspective. The book is Skinny Legs and All. It´s vulgar, funny, and makes some really good points about…life. I recommend it.

Pues, I hope you all had a great 4th of July. We had fun here, though we celebrated on the 1st. The marines stationed here hosted our party at their big-ass house in the capital. Good guys.

OK, time to leave. Have an awesome day and toss me a note if you wish. Take care.



  • At 08:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Adam

    This is Uncle Rich G
    I read your e-mail and it sounds
    as if you are doing well. Not to much news up in good old Ct.I have been using the boat as much as I can afford @$4.35 per gals.We are going to Martha's Vineyard in Aug.
    Ellen and I just came back from Long Island where we had are annual
    Uncle Party with all my brothers, wives and kid's Pop Pop R care and I will drop you a line soon.

    Take care Rich

  • At 02:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey adam this is nick smith (new PC/Grad student), thank you for posting about what life is like there and the work you are doing. It really helps me get an idea of what to expect. Looks like I may have to brush up on my fútbol skills before I leave!


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